Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Israeli attack on Gaza flotilla

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Today, on CBC radio's The Current, I listened to an Israeli military official (who was on an Israeli ship at the time of the incident) talk about how the activists were waiting on deck of their ship at 4 in the morning with metal bars. He called this a premeditated attack on the Israeli commandos, insinuating that blame for this incident lies with the activists. He also indicated that the Israeli commandos had instructions not to shoot, locate the captain of the ship and indicate that he was on a course for Israeli waters where they had no permission to be and to change course. I have a hard time swallowing this individuals version of events.

First of all lets put this in proper context, the flotilla of ships (carrying aid and relief supplies, not weapons) were in international waters. Just so we are clear this means Israeli commandos boarded the ships illegally. If Israel was so afraid weapons were on board why not just check the ships when they dock at port. And if the intent of the whole exercise was to simply tell the captain, in person, to change course then why not bring a ship up along side that of the humanitarian ship and ask permission to board in order to discuss the situation. But instead they show up on military helicopters and repel an elite fighting force, that would be the commandos, on to the deck of the ships with guns in hand. I don't know about you but nothing says "we just want to talk to the captain" then forcibly boarding with military force in international waters!

Again let's not forget they boarded by helicopter, last time I listened to a helicopter I could hear it coming from a mile away, and that's when they are at a considerable altitude, let alone coming in just above the deck of a ship! So of course their were people on deck of the ship to defend it from forced boarding by military commandos! Yes the Israeli soldiers fired because people on board were defending themselves and their ship, and attacked the military commandos. But the Israeli's precipitated the confrontation by using military force against civilian humanitarian activists who had no fire arms or proper weapons. Premeditated my ass!!

Their is a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, regardless of where one lies blame or what circumstances led to this deplorable state of affairs. If you cannot see this then your bias is clearly blinding you from the truth of the matter. These humanitarian workers, as it has been evidenced, were simply trying to help the civilian population of Gaza with basic day to day medical supplies and devices, and to bring attention to the crisis. Wow what a dastardly devious bunch of people these humanitarian activists must be to perpetrate such a heinous act, delivering aid supplies!!!
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