Monday, June 14, 2010

Israel can do no wrong: Harper's policy |

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Israel can do no wrong: Harper's policy |

What a shameful state of affairs, Ignatif has as little back bone as Harper! Even at a minority Government Harper still manages to represent Canada as a shameful nation to the world. We used to be the good guys, the diplomat who tried to bring to people to the table to resolve their issues! Now they sit back and make weak mouthed statements about acts of aggression! Harper and his, former Bush, media/public affairs officer make simplistic statements that are intended to be divisive, misleading and call on narrow mindedness and ignorance!

Our so called leaders are cowards who don't want to upset any portion of their voting base, they are only concerned about retaining what little power they have or obtaining it, they don't stand for any noble and humane cause, only business as usual!
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