Friday, July 23, 2010

Canadian government adopts America's fear economy |

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Canadian government adopts America's fear economy |

It really is reassuring to find others see what I see. In North America, with a few exceptions (G20), it is unacceptable to violently suppress the population, so governments have resorted to control through fear. This is not science fiction, this is a well documented means of control, just visit your library and look up social engineering, there are many books from as far back as 1800 - onwards.

Recent example; why would the US start an illegal act of aggression against Iraq (well documented fact based in reality) instead of going after Bin-Ladin? Well what better way to keep fear in the population than have this psychopathic mastermind on the loose, and then create more fear with false claims of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (by the way the US had every legal right to invade Iraq during the Gulf war but did not). Then with the population in this state of fear/distraction it is much easier to slowly erode civil liberties, help your corporate buddies get ahead in the world, cut social spending, health care, enact tighter and tighter restrictions on peoples free movement, ramp up military spending to protect from the ever present threat that could strike at any time (again helping you corporate buddies out), selling arms so more war and suffering can be inflicted on anybody that gets in the way of progress. And if anybody with in starts to question this line of thinking, as we saw immediately after 911, just call them a terrorist/traitor, or say your either with us or against us, this shuts them up pretty fast! Nothing like good old jingoism to rally the haters! "stink rising from the patriots nest. doing what's best, kicking in the face of a mothers son" Daniel Lanois.

Ohh and let's not forget a good oldie, marijuana. A substance on par with alcohol, both have negative health effects and addictive personalities abuse both. But the US government has to create fear and ignorance around marijuana, notice how no proper science is done on marijuana, other wise it would likely debunk all the myths the government has placed on this substance. Humans have had conscious altering substances around for at least 3,000 years or more, and it has yet to bring an entire society to it's knees. It's all just fear mongering by those have to control everything and distract the population while they do what they wish. Governments and corporations are in bed together and need to control and distract the population to mitigate any interference they cause to the power structure.

I've seen the conservative agenda from the beginning, Harper really took a shining to Bush, just like Tony Blair. Harper has the same public relations/spin Dr that served with Bush, so we clearly see his tactics when he dismisses anybody who disagrees with him (as if they are beneath him), the misinformation that get's spouted by the Conservatives and the US like policies that Harper has adopted. Such as the get tough on crime election platform and policy (even though crime is not a pressing issue in Canada, just look at the stats...oh wait we'll have a Tory puppet at the helm of Stats Canada soon!), cut off funding for women's advocate groups (but maternal health of third world is important, just not here), increased projects for building more prisons in Canada, manipulation of information (ie..,.Stats Canada debacle), continued underfunding of public health (services and wait times are unacceptable, not to mention no mental health care), ditching of Canada's honorable peacekeeping role, increased spending for military which gets us less jet fighters than our current retiring fleet (not to mention Government officials seem to have no idea what role they are to play, or that our navy is in a deplorable state of affairs), greater rights for corporations overriding that of citizens. But not to place all the blame on the Conservatives the Liberals have had a hand in a lot of this as well, they are not much better.


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